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Health Minister calling a spade - a spade! (Trinidad & Tobago)

People are talking about the way in which the Health Minister spoke to the newly elected councilors and I am amazed at some of the comments from people on Facebook. First of all, in my opinion, there was NOTHING WRONG in the manner that she spoke to the audience. She was making a point about the dengue situation in the country and she is right when she says:... "The Councilors are responsible for what occurs in their area... and that if someone dies from Dengue then they are also responsible". It was interesting to learn how someone would get dengue fever and the statement was made that councilors should go out with their staff and identify where the potential hazards for the breeding of mosquitoes are in their respective areas and to ensure that the appropriate measures/actions are taken to treat with the problems. Case in point is the land opposite the Falls at Westmall, Superpharm all the way down to the river. When the rains fell heavily the other day, the area was like a pond, full of water. No drainage system for the water to run off. A perfect potential hazard.

This morning, on Morning Edition Show, Mr. Sankersingh - Attorney at Law, by phone, gave an excellent explanation about the role and responsibilities of the councilors and stated that councilors should be held accountable for what happens in their area. In my opinion, if a person is not prepared to do the hard work required then, do not go up for elections. A non-performing councilor is only going to frustrate the people of the area until the next election.

Mr. Boris, ex councilor and Ambassador, a guest on the same Morning Edition Show this morning, complained that he did not like the way the Health Minister spoke to the councilors and that she treated them like school children.
My response is: Well, la de da....
He then goes on to made the comment that "you cannot see every hole and clogged drain".
My response to that is: "You are not doing your job".
It appeared to me that Mr. Boris was nitpicking and really did not have much to contribute to the discussion on the show.

This was further demonstrated when, Mr Boris displayed a total lack of respect for the other guest on the show by reading the newspapers which was open in front of him and only raised his head to answer, when the presenter asked him a question.

Question: Why did Mr. Boris get out of his bed so early in the morning to go on tv if he was not prepared to contribute to the discussion in a meaningful way?

The mantra of the government is: "Serve the people, Serve the people, Serve the people". My view is that the Health Minister is a woman with spunk and for the first time we have someone who is not afraid of opening her mouth and speaking out. It is about time and I LIKE IT!!!

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