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List of dishes for Independence Day Meet & Greet (Trinidad & Tobago)

Below are the dishes and who is bringing what:-

List of dishes:
Pelau - Pearl & Rhonda M.
Curried Crab & Dumpling - Pearl & Rhonda M.
Curried Goat - Pearl & Rhonda M.
Fried Plantain - Pearl & Rhonda M.
Jerk Pork
Chicken Stewed
Chicken bake - Joan R.
Chicken barbecued
Chicken jerk - James S.
Salads: Green - Janice & Ulric
Cooked Provision – green fig, plantain, sweet potato
Macaroni Pie - Simone B.
Lasagna vegetarian - Michelle S.
Carrot, peas and corn dish
Callaloo - Yvan from Ipanema
Fish Broth - Yvan from Ipanema
Plain Rice - Obed J.
Saltfish - Omar R.

Vegetable Dishes for Vegetarians:
Pumpkin Dish
Eggplant Dish - Collette CK

Cheesecake - Karyn R.
Cake - taken
Ice Cream - Sherrie & Beverly

Any other dish that is not on the list please put on this post.



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