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Powerful elections statements & embarrassing T&T (Trinidad & Tobago)

On Saturdays I would watch tv especially the LMN channel 81. Today, I switched to watch the news and changed the channel to C News. To my shock and surprise, a paid political announcement was aired called "We shall rise" - Kamla Protected content . My life coaching training has taught me to recognize powerful questions and statements and I found this announcement to be extremely powerful. It implied rewriting the history books and that the people of Trinidad and Tobago will RISE!!

Kudos go out to the team that put that announcement together. The announcement on "Patrick going back" is a hugh cry from the "We shall rise" announcement. The following questions that keeps coming to mind when it is playing on the media are as follows:

* Why is the announcement dealing only with one individual in the PNM party?
* Is Patrick Manning the only one in the PNM who is going to win his sit?
* Why is the announcement not dealing with the PNM party as a whole?
* Patrick Manning is not the only important individual in the PNM

Soon after the political paid announcements, the Prime Minister made a statement: " rule the country".. When I last checked, the only people that RULE are dictators ie Castro, Chevaz etc. I thought that the people in a political party having won a general election was being entrusted with the governance of the country. It is very frightening when an individual who is currently the leader of the political party that is governing the country, starts using the word "RULE".

It was very disheartening to see the Minister of Culture on the political platform, lambasing the opposition using demeaning language. Talking to people, the impression that I get is that people are not upset with the PNM as a party but are upset with the leadership of the party.

The latest controversy is the denial of visitor status to the US campaign Manager for the opposition. I found this to be so ludicrous because the technology of today does not require a physical presence of an individual to be in a room to conduct business. The owner of Virgin Airlines sits in a hammock on his small island and with the use of a laptop, runs close to Protected content around the world.

The saga continues......

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