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Putting ya foot in ya mouth and biting off ya toe! (Trinidad & Tobago)

I have been trying very hard to give the current political party in power an opportunity to show that they are worthy of my vote. But I am struggling with this after hearing the leader of the current government talk about people, who are the leaders opposition parties going on national tv to debate the Prime Minister.

From where I sit, when President Obama debated President Bush, President Obama won the elections. When PM Brown debated Nick Clegg and David Cameron on national tv, PM Cameron and Clegg came together to form the government in the UK. Clearly there is a pattern here.

Statements made about not wanting to elevate the opposition leader and calling them skunks was insulting not only to the T&T opposition leader but also to other opposition leaders around the world who would have debated the current PM/President of their respective countries. But most of all - just after the elections in the UK.

No doubt you could imagine me holding my head and bawling: Noooooooooooooooo.. ah can't believe he just said dat............. Lord give a helping hand.... but what is dis?????

That was just so unnecessary. If you not sure of what to say - it is best to say nothing and leave it alone. You don't want a debate then say so and leave it alone. Don't go putting ya foot in ya mouth..... Embarrassing to say the least.....

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