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What de jail is dis? (Trinidad & Tobago)

Woke up this morning to see a man with a sledge hammer trying to break down Calder Hart gate at his home. I immediately grabbed the remote to up the volume on the tv because first I thought I was in a "Alice in Wonderland" dream. But sadly, no... the police was called and escorted the man off the premises.

When the man was asked by the media, why he was breaking down the gate he responded: "I want to make a citizen's arrest"!! He went on to accuse Calder Hart of stealing money from the Government. I really think that he meant stealing from the people of Trinidad and Tobago because the Prime Minister supported Calder Hart and the various activities that soaked up the money like a sponge.

It is interesting that Self-proclaimed human rights activist Ishmael Samad, would take such an action. Yes, he was on his own when he committed the act, but he is just acting out how the general population feels about the various issues that have affected Trinidad and Tobago lately.

As Shakespeare stated: "All the world's a stage...." Was he correct. Trinidad and Tobago are no different from any other country in the world. You just have to learn the "lay of the land", be security conscious and have lots and lots of fun.

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