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Charity Project(They will be driving by Tripoli)

I would like to inform you all about a Charity Project, Shoebaru, that InterNations is supporting and They will be driving by Tripoli on Jul-27 and we will host an event in that day, we will put up a donor box and raise money for the orphanage in Ethiopia.

Short description of Shoebaru:

Five young, well-traveled Americans are taking two old Subaru Foresters, covering them in khaki fabric to make them look like a pair of Chuck Taylor shoes, and driving from Goodwood, UK to Cape Town, South Africa during the summer of Protected content .
Along the way we will be filming a documentary about the experience, including the visits to schools and orphanages along the way where we will be passing out clothing and shoes to the children.

We are raising funds ahead of the launch to support the construction and outfitting of a new school on the ground of an American-run orphanage in Ethiopia—Awassa Children’s Project. The center currently hosts over Protected content , many of them orphaned in the AIDS epidemic. A law professor from Northwestern University co-founded the charity over a decade ago and is currently engaged in talks with the Ethiopian government to expand their facilities. This is significant because the government has kicked out all but 2 charities in the area, and Awassa Children’s Project is one of them (many charities have ulterior motives besides helping the children, but not Awassa, so they were allowed to stay).

All funds raised go directly to the charity, and the charity itself is 100% volunteer run, so every cent it receives goes to the children. Awassa is a registered 501©3 organization, so all donations are tax-deductible (for American citizens). Protected content
Our route takes us more than 13,000 miles through Protected content (depending on detours). Estimated drive time is around three months from start to finish. Map: Protected content

We’re heading over to the UK on July 2nd and the launch is on the 14th from the Goodwood racetrack (coinciding with the annual Mongol Rally launch). Protected content

Sponsorship opportunities are available at various price points: Protected content
The trip has been in preparation for over a year, and thousands of man hours have already been invested into getting it off the ground. More details at our site: Protected content

Website: Protected content
Contact Person:
Scott Brills, Protected content , Protected content

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