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Moving to Tripoli

we will move to Tripoli by the end of this year, thus I start gathering all possible information.
We will live in Tripoli for two or four years, semi-furnished housing is already provided by the enterprise. I am interested in details about the everyday live (especially for a woman), traffic, driving licence (we both have an European licence, do we have to change? If yes, what do we have to do?), commuting, medical care, telephone, internet, security, outdoor activities (especially hiking and climbing), culture, communities, places to meet, insurance… Things we should bring from Europe…
How does it work with Visa regulations: we were told that my partner can enter with a Work Permit and apply for a Resident Visa after living there for Protected content , when this is granted we can apply for a Joining Visa for me ( Protected content ), and after living in Libya for a while I can apply for a Resident Visa too. Is that correct? I am not very happy to let him do all the work down there alone and like to join him from the start. Is there a legal opportunity to start together?
We will have the possibility to attend some Arabic classes in Tripoli but learning a little in advance might help. Could somebody recommend a good Arabic course (German or English)?
There are much more questions but some things will be “solved” as soon as we arrive in Libya or at a later date…

Preparing for the next “adventure/expat”,


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