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Australian from Gold Coast to the Cold (Ulan Bator)

Hi ALL, I am new to this expat work and have been given a great opportunity I feel to work in Mongolia. I have taken on a role as a Training Advisor which is trade and mining related. I am an Australian and have been trying to get into some sort of overseas position for some time.
I have been given my contract and want to follow up on the life style the do's and dont's culturally. The laws for having a beer and the safety and climate among other things.
I just want some advise on links I can read I wont be looking at to much time off so not really interested in travel blogs and the like.
My roster is solid working days on 28 on and 14 off which I will be coming home or to another part of the world to thaw out during winter I guess
So if any one can assist me then I would love some photos some comments and just general issues that I should know about.
Considering I come from a pretty laid back country with pretty good hygiene and health rules I guess these are the common questions people talk about.
Cheers and thanks for the chance to join your world.

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