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Home for a Sweet, Laid-Back Puppy (Ulan Bator)

Hi everyone! I'm looking to re-home a very sweet little dog, probably about 6 months old at the oldest. She is brown with wirey hair, likely a terrier mix. She currently weighs in at about 7kg max, and I suspect she'll grow into a medium dog.

She has been living as a street dog, but I have been taking care of her as an outside dog. I want her to have a real home. She is extremely calm and likes to nap more than anything else.

I'm not asking for any money. In fact, I'd be willing to GIVE money to pay for initial vaccinations and spaying. I genuinely just want to find my furry friend a home.

If you or anyone else is looking for a dog, I'll happily send you pictures and/or set up a meet-and-greet. Thanks!

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