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Visiting UB (Ulan Bator)

Dear members of InterNations UB,

I' ll be in UB for the first time next week and am very happy to visit Mongolia. The main reason for my visit is a konference/meeting of German teachers from the asian region, but I think I' ll have some time to visit the most interesting places in and maybe even arround UB.

It would be great to get some good advices from expats or locals living in UB. I' ve read quite a lot about the city, but it' s been a bit difficult to get some up-to-date informations about hotels/hostels, places to go at night and restaurants.

And what' s about the weather? The weather forecast says it' sgoing to be below 0 at night, even Protected content . I' m from Istanbul and even now in October we still have about 27 degrees in the daytime, so I think it' s going to be quite a change.

I' m also very curious about the food. Maybe it's just a prejudice that it's difficult to find something else than meet and products made of fermented milk, but as I' m not very much into meet and milk I' ll be very happy to hear that it' s possible to find something else, too.

My stay is quite short, just from wednesday to tuesday. Is it possible to book day excursions to get to know the surroundings of UB?

I appreciate all kinds of ideas, advices, warnings etc.

Thanks in advance!

All the best

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