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Any NGOs in NL? And others questions (Utrecht)

I have couple of questions, I will appreciate if anyone can help with answering any questions of them or all questions.
I I'll come to Netherlands for 5 days as trip. I already have been to Amsterdam few months ago. My departure flight will be from Amsterdam.

1- I love nature, farms, cooking, dancing, nightlife , conducting with people and I am not into historical places, in your opinion which is the best cities in NL to go depending on I have only 5 days and my departure flight from Amsterdam.
I thought to choose from Rotterdam, Delft, Utrecht, Leiden, Harleem, Gouda or the Hague. Maybe because it's near from Amsterdam.
Which city of those that worth to visit. I think to focus on one city all 5 days, right?.
2_ I don't know if there is website for jobs especially for expats in Netherlands?.
3_ I tried to search for NGOs in Netherlands that related to culture exchange or cross cultural, anyone can help me to find database of NGOs in NL?
4_in your opinion which city is open for expats and I can find a job in it. By the way, I don't speak Dutch. I want to work in NGOs or something related to workspaces.
5_any advices, I will be appreciate that a lot. Thanks a lot

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