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Freelancing - legal obligations? (Utrecht)

Any crowed wisdom/tips much appreciated as no clarity from reading tax/KvK websites and calling them. I'm a starting freelance web designer estimating 6,000 Euro/year forecast from Protected content this year. Don't hire anyone.
1) Do I need to register a company at KvK or as a person is OK? don't really wish to setup a company to keep things simple.
2) if required to register as individual, do I just do that with KvK or need to do that with Tax Office as well?
3) VAT to overseas client; if any, how do you find out what VAT to charge to UK client?
4) One KvK staff told me, if it's low income & just "hobby level" (not officially operating like a company, no marketing etc.) no problem reporting at end of financial year as part of personal income tax return; is that your experience?

Cheers and many thanks in advance.


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