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Are there many Canadian/American expats? (Valencia)

My husband and I are recently retired (journalists/TV producers) potentially interested in putting down roots and "snowbirding" somewhere every year, ideally always in the same location. We spent one winter in Valencia a few years ago and loved it...but were lonely! Plus we missed interacting with people from "home" about "home"...

In advance of any decision, we are hoping to connect with the English-speaking expat community and get a sense of how people's lives are playing out. Any and all information is welcome - but there are a few things we would especially like to know:
1) Ball park, how large/vibrant is the English-speaking expat community in Valencia? Ball park, how many of these English-speaking expats are from Canada? (and/or U.S).
2) Is it a very welcoming community? Apart from attending Internations-organized events, are people open to new friendships, getting together to socialize - meeting for lunch or coffee or dinner etc?

Thanks for any input or advice!


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