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Expired Documentation - What Next? (Valencia)

Hi everyone, I've been in Valencia since last June and registered for Empadronamiento and NIE. Since then, I've been to and from the UK on numerous occasions and also changed my address here in VLC, due to the owner of the property selling up and moving to Italy!

I now have a GB vehicle here and was recently stopped by the police, on the only day I had forgotten my driver documents, (I remove my driving licence, V5 and passport from the vehicle every night) the police impounded my vehicle and during the process of me jumping through the hoops to get it back I had to pay 600€ in tax.

I wondered if I need to renew my documentation or is there a way of reverting back to tourist status to avoid registering onto Spanish driving plates. Or maybe that now my papers have expired and I only came back to Spain again in November, perhaps I am actually a tourist after all?

Help with a confusing mudlle would be much appreciated.

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