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Schools for expat childrenin Valencia City


I’m new to this forum and have been offered a job beginning in October of this year. My husband and I have 2 children (aged 2) and before we move over to Valencia I wanted to be sure about their education choices. In the UK they go to nursery, so we would like them to go to nursery part-time in Valencia. Also, we do not have the sort of income to afford International schooling, so I was wondering whether anyone knew of state schools in Valencia that have bilingual programmes.

I guess my questions are 1) Are there bilingual nurseries in Valencia City that you would recommend? 2) Does anyone know of state schools in Valencia, with a bilingual programme, that they would recommend for expat children?
3) Can anyone share their experience of having a child in state school in Valencia City? 4) If we ever returned to the UK, would having a Spanish education be incompatible with getting into a British University?

I know there are a lot of questions there, so if anyone has anything to contribute to any of them I’d be grateful to hear.

Thanks in advance

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