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Thinking about moving to Valencia with 3 daughters

My husband and I are originally from Argentina but have lived in Toronto for over 15 years. We had kids here, he has a good steady job but the city is so expensive we struggle every day. My husband is also very tired of the long dark winters so we would like to move to the complete opposite scenario, the beach and warm weather all year round. After doing some research, Valencia seems like a great option.
My husband and daughters have the Spanish citizenship so we have that covered.
I m a bit concerned about the school system in Spain, especially in Valencia.
1) Is Valenciano an issue for kids that come from abroad? My daughters are fluent in Spanish because we speak it at home
2) My daughters go to public school and learn french and english. Do schools in Spain offer English as a second language or is Valenciano more important?
3) Schools in Toronto don't have fences, kids walk to and from school on their own with no fear (traffic is an issue though) How's safety in Valencia?
4) I like the Northamerican way of living, organized and structured. How is Valencia compared to that?
5) I won't be able to work at first so my husband will be the main source of income. He has a director level in a very important company in Toronto but he's willing to change in order to adjust to a better quality of life, still he will be the main income. He speaks 3 languages (Spanish, english and french). Would that give him higher chances of finding a better job or a job altogether? I've heard the unemployment is high nowadays.
I apologize for the length of the post!
Any information will help us make a decision.
Thanks a lot in advance!

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