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Where to live? Schools? (Valencia)

Hi everyone, my husband and I are looking to move to the Valencia area with our 5-year-old son. It's crucial that our boy is happy so a lot hinges on A. the choice of school (international / bi-lingual / Spanish school?) and B. living in an area where we will have other families around us with children more or less of the same age to play with.

In terms of schools, we have done some research and have found pros and cons for each type of school. People have said that being in international school will hinder integration into Spanish society; on the other hand expat kids at Spanish schools are often bullied or singled out. Is a bi-lingual school the best of both worlds? My son doesn't speak Spanish yet (English is his 1st language) and it's in his personality to prefer to stay in his comfort zone; big challenges cause him to shut down. For that reason as well, I feel that plunking him in a Spanish school will be the wrong decision.

Any advice or your experiences with schools, as well as where to live in the Valencia area will be very welcome! We have read some positive things about Torrent and L'Eliana so far but maybe there's more? Also, if you know of a reliable real estate agent, that will be great.

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