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Brit in Austria married to Russian. What now? (Vienna)

Hi people

I'm an expat living near and working in Vienna. I have been here for 2 years and am employed as a machine operator.
My wife, who is Russian and I have been married to since April this year, would obviously like to be here with me. So far she has been able to get a 4 month Visa D and is currently learning German for an Intergration test she is required to take in order to apply for a residence permit here. Being married to me doesn't seem to be enough.
My question is, is there an easy, or less annoying way of getting her nationalised as a Brit without having first have lived in the UK for a lengthy period of time?
I haven't lived or worked in the UK for 16 years since leaving HM Armed Forces in '98 and really have no idea how to continue. I've asked the British Embassy here in Vienna for help, but the information on the website was vague, to say the least.
Thanks for your help :)

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