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Explore the Future of your Business!!! (Vienna)

Doujak Corporate Development in cooperation with Forschergruppe Neuwaldegg proudly invites you to an extraordinary experience – the Future Space.

In turbulent times it’s becoming obvious that the future is unsecure and holds many surprises...and opportunities. To seize these however, your company needs to change: The way it does business, the way it thinks about success, the way it develops new businesses, the way it interacts with employees, customers and its stakeholders. The question is how to do so?

What you’ll experience:
During this one day workshop you will learn what a Future Space looks like and how you could use it in your organization to create new business model options.

You’ll understand what your company’s past holds, what your core competencies and capabilities are, and what future trends will unfold.

The workshop provides entrepreneurs and managers with an exceptional learning opportunity to build knowledge, enhance decision-making and refine their business judgment.

In an exclusive setting, senior executives connect with their peers in the rare opportunity to exchange ideas, best practices and insights on how to prepare for future challenges.

The following questions could be answered in a surprising way:

- How can we make future developments of my company and the stakeholder ecosystem more tangible?
- How can we create an innovative and broad view of our future?
- How can we align our views and develop new ideas and business models?

Expect an intense day full of inspiration and new ways to think about the future of your business.

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