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Extortionist charge from Vienna Ambulance service

Hello Internations Vienna members, I wanted to share my recent experience with you all.
I went to the Prater with my daughter in August Protected content while riding the bike i had hired for her she fell and cut her leg and elbow which resulted in some bleeding. A lady nearby came over and informed me that there was an ambulance nearby and i should request assistance from them. I went over and spoke to one of the paramedics and requested some cotton wool and plaster from him to clean my daughter's wound. He said they would come over and have a look at her. They came over and one of the paramedics cleaned the wound with an antiseptic and covered it with a bandage. I had to return the bike and he offered to stay with my daughter while i returned the bike to the hire place which was only a few meters down. I came back within 5 minutes and thanked him for his help and asked him if he needed anything from me and he said no and they left. My daughter however told me afterwards that the paramedic guy had asked her for her name, date of birth and address, which I felt was wrong as she is a minor and he asked her in my absence.
In September to my shock I received a bill from the the Magistrat Stadt Wein for Protected content hundred and fifty Euros) as charge for the service that was rendered to my daughter in Prater. I called to explain that all my daughter had received was a simple first aid and could not understand why the bill was so high.
I was told this was the standard charge and i had to pay it. I feel very cheated because if I had been told this by the paramedic I would have been able to make an informed choice and looked for help elsewhere.
I wonder if anybody has had any similar experience and if it is worth challenging this rather high bill.

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