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Great book about Prague (Vienna)


Dear All,

After reading "Only about Vienna" from Duncan Smith (I mentioned that book in a past thread), I found in downtown also "Only in Prague", from the same author.

Again, the book is great, specially if you like to read about history of well and sometimes-not-so-well know places and its connection to the present status of the location, many of them are not even (traditional) tourist attractions (sometimes, they are those places that you even do not need to buy a ticket or line-up to visit).

The clear descriptive language is very well enriched with very concrete data plus other interesting history anecdotes. Also great pictures taken by the author himself.

The book mentiones other cities explored by the same author (Budapest and some German cities), but those will come later to my bookshelf as I re-started to read a history of Europe from Protected content Protected content I found in Bratislava.

Best wishes,


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