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Join the SOS Mitmensch Pass Egal Wahl - 6 Ocotber! (Vienna)

Dear InterNations Vienna Members,
Let me invite you to this event by stating very clearly that I do not consider Internations a political platform. However, this event organized by SOS Mitmensch is very much in the spirit of Internations as it promotes open-mindedness, internationality, and democracy.
My City. My election. Whichever passport!
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On the occasion of the Vienna council elections SOS Mitmensch initiates a large campaign for more democracy: the Wiener Pass Egal Wahl! Every fourth person who lives in Vienna is excluded from these important elections just because they don’t have an Austrian passport (note: EU citizens who have their permanent residency in Vienna are allowed to vote on a district level but districts have only administrative and no legislative powers!).

On 6 October you are invited to show your support for more democracy and take part in the Wiener Pass Egal Wahl!

On Tuesday 6 October from 3 pm to 8 pm SOS Mitmensch will put up a polling station behind the Rathaus where everybody can cast their vote – irrespective of their passport. Afterwards, the votes will be counted. The more people take part in this symbolic vote the stronger the sign for more democracy and open-mindedness in Vienna

When: Tuesday 6 October, 3 pm to 8 pm
Where: Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz 1 (U2-Station Rathaus), Protected content
Who: Everyone who is older than 16, and has his/her permanent residency in Vienna but not an Austrian passport. Also everyone who does have an Austrian passport and wants to show their solidarity with the cause by adding their vote.
Needed: Passport or Personal Identification Card

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