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Moving to Austria but with a Swiss permanent job (Vienna)

Hello Everyone,

My first post here, and my question applies to my desire to move to Austria from the UK, I know that BREXIT may throw a spanner in the works later, but I'd rather not put life on hold in the meantime.

I work as a pilot with a permanent contract for a Swiss company (Swiss tax, insurance, social etc etc), though my aircraft base is Moscow (yes it's complicated). I have the option to live in Switzerland, however I would prefer to move to Austria and Vienna in particular. Austria also has a beneficial tax arrangement for aircrew with Switzerland, unlike the UK.

I understand that I may reside in Austria under a permanent residence application without employment in the country providing I have adequate means of subsistence to support myself and family and sufficient health insurance coverage. Hence my question, is there a figure for adequate means of subsistence or is it taken case by case?

Any advice gratefully received.


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