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Tax liability on US government retirement income? (Vienna)

Tax liability on US government retirement income?

Hi, planning summer move to Vienna. But can't seem to find enough detailed info on taxes, especially given my circumstances.

So, I receive US military retirement income. It is taxed in US automatically. I receive Protected content for that.

I also receive US Veterans Affairs compensation, whch is non-taxable in US.

I am really trying to minimize to largest extent humanly possible any tax burden I would have in Austria. Given the special status of veteran affairs compensation, I am really hoping that will stay untouched, and since I already pay US tax on my military retirement pay, I am hoping that can also go untouched in Austria. Now I know things are often not ideal. I have read a bit about Austria's rules on worldwide income but none of the info is specific enough to give me idea about exclusions (be it via tax treaty with US regarding dual taxation avoidance, or by virtue of special categorization of certain income).

Can anyone shed light?


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