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Alternative meet up ideas (Vilnius)


I am not really keen on another meet up where people just get together, find other 1 or 2 other people to talk to, imbibe calorie rich drinks and food and end the event. It is boring!

I am trying to liven things up here. Our last meet up was a joke, even fewer people showed up, the ambassadors themselves were missing. I do not think this is helping us in increasing our membership.

Look at other countries, people tell me there are Protected content 400 people attending Internations events even in tiny countries like Belgium and Netherlands. Yes Lithuania is small, but we can do better than 10 to 12.

In my group I tried to bolster the night life experience, but honestly it is getting cold, and I am not looking forward to trudging in the snow from one night club to the other.

I am looking at the people of Vilnius Internations for ideas.

1) Brains storming : we all pitch in with ideas.
2) Idea screening and voting : we decide the top 3.
3) Implementation : we execute the top 3 ideas in the next 3 meet ups
4) Decision : we decide which is the best way to go forward: a set type of meet up or some thing varying each month.

Note: These ideas will belong to my group, and the events held there-in and cannot be plagiarized.

I need people to participate.
So come on people, pitch in.

Keep in mind, more the people, more YOU benefit. More interesting people to talk to, more funds for better food during the meet ups, better venues, more interesting events, we can even hire performers, etc like Internations groups in other countries do!

It is win-win, and only YOU can make this happen!

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