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Do Lithuanian people realize what Democracy is? (Vilnius)


My experiences in Lithuania lead me to believe people will not intervene even when they see something wrong going on. Be it the old lady knocked off her seat in the bus, or a grandma and her grandson being pushed off their seats by a drunk. People stand around with eyes averted.

I am met with mocking laughter when I tell anyone, apart from my job, I have started a company here. The general perception is: Lithuania is an impossible destination to do business. And honestly I believe it after being frustrated every single day at every single turn.

Every Lithuanian I meet is frustrated with their lot in life, banking is a joke with foreign corporations sucking the life blood out of the country. Customer service prohibits consumerism. Taxes are designed to shut companies down.

I can never get the simplest thing done without it taking Protected content of endless walking around and banging my head against doors to get it done. Most of the times, I am tempted to just abandon it.

The challenges are immense.

Do people realize that these problems are there?

Do they do anything about it?

It is easier to blame than do anything.

Last night I was talking to a lady with a Bachelors in Engineering and a Masters in Business administration : working as a mere Engineer. She can't afford a car. Her lot in life is to work 8 to 5, slip and slide in the icy sidewalks (Since LT cant afford adequate snow removal services), and be frustrated at the end of every day.

Does her education entitle her to more?

Another instance was a pediatrician who is in a similar situation, now making a transition to "Radiology" with the hope of making at least some money!

Does her education entitle her to more?

But how come even after working hard, getting educated, people can't get ahead in life?

I see that in grocery stores food which is ear marked for animal feed in all other countries- such as scrap pieces of fish or meat - are actually sold to humans here.

Every single clothing, pharmacy, grocery store has some kind of agreement in place about prices. Demand and supply dynamics have no room here. It is almost as if monopoly is encouraged.

Do Lithuanians realize that in a democracy there is no one to blame but yourselves?

Do they realize that sitting sullenly and complaining passive aggressively is not going to achieve anything?

I have reached the stage wherein I try to spend all my income in shopping from abroad and having it shipped here, because guess what - I cannot take it any more to go to a store and be faced with rude customer service, bad customer fleecing return / exchanges policies, poor selection of goods, and pathetic quality.

Why do Lithuanians not want to change their lot in life?
Who makes these laws about a corporation can ONLY have a Lithuanian name? Why is the Lithuanian government trying to insulate it's economy from growth with it's repressive Language policies? Why can't even government officials just work with the people?

Are we criminals that we face rude language and behavior because we don't speak your language or dress from the stores of Kalvariu Turgus?

I am asking this question : Why can't Lithuanians just stand up and make changes happen?!!! Democracy is GOVERNANCE FOR THE PEOPLE, OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE.

Stop blaming the government, take up a banner and get on the streets! Mobilize!

You have your freedom for the first time in ages, don't let it go to waste! No one will watch for your interests if you don't watch for it yourself!

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