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InterNations' people - reminder (Vilnius)

Dear All,

We have monthly more and more people in our events (around 80 people in our November event) and I'm really glad to see so many people willing to relax and spend some time with other nations.

During our last event, I was listening to someone who faced a bad situation because of one of our member.

In order to avoid such issues, I would like to kindly remind all of us that InterNations is a not for business community.
Of course, people can discuss about business and exchange cards but it's to each of us to check about the reliability of people we are talking to.
I usually trust people but trust doesn't exclude checking process.

Before entrusting someone, you can check about the company, you can check if the people has some professional profile on Linkedin and so on. You can also call the company that is mentioned.

As ambassadors, Jacky and I are willing to help you to face issues you may have, so have no hesitation in contacting us.

Best Regards,

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