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Mushroom picking (Vilnius)


I have seen a lot of people in the trolley buses, wearing rubber boots with buckets of mushrooms, they have freshly picked.

I have seen wild mushrooms only once.... at Sylmar in San Fernando Valley, California... I remember taking pictures of it, and sending it to a researcher in UC Berkeley. She said it wasn't edible (email below for anyone interested).

So I have no experience in Mushroom picking, but I would realllllly like to try it. My friends tell me, it is a seasonal activity and the window of opportunity is fast closing!

So anyone interested?

It would be awesome fun! We could take food, drinks, have a mini picnic and of course bring home buckets of the good stuff!!

I am thinking next weekend, 10/4 : we meet around 11:30am and head out to the place (where ever that is) where the mushrooms can be found.

In case you can't come, but know of some good Mushroom hunting spots, or any general information about what shrooms are safe and what not,... do write in this thread and let us know.


"Hi Kaushik,

To correctly identify mushrooms more is needed
than the information you sent us.
One important thing that is missing is the colour
of the spores, and a picture of what the gills
look like. Also, where did you find this mushroom
(place, and what kind of environment).

My guess is that this mushroom is going to have
green spores, and that it is Chlorophyllum
molybdites, which is NOT edible, as it causes
severe stomach and intestinal upsets.


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