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NeoZebra Children's Learning Center (Vilnius)

My son wakes up early on Saturdays only for the sake of exciting activities under the enigmatic title "Drawing histories."
When someone responds me something like "and my kid already goes to painting,classes" I just advise him to come to a free session next Saturday and stay with his kid in class.
"Drawing histories" - it is not art lessons and creative workshops!
This is a unique way to introduce kids to the history of arts and to realize the unusual forms of art.

Just imagine that your kid fashioned with clay a figure from a picture of Van Eyck? Or the ancient Egyptian cat was created from a plastic bottle and scotch? Or maybe you will be surprised the conversion of the winter landscape in the summer in watercolor? All this - only a small part of what we, as parents, have the opportunity to see, and how much more unusual things kids will learn at these sessions!

And I'm not just writing - I actively advertise NeoZebra for you to come!

NeoZebra is an additional education for your kids in Russian.
Russian is an international language. It's the second language at Facebook and 7th in the World. So please don't miss a chance for your kids to learn Russian in a language environment.

NeoZebra has two main areas
Pre-school from 1 to 6 yo
- "Mama + Child" Protected content
- "Me myself" Protected content
- "Smarty" - pre-school group Protected content
- Speech therapist (individual sessions)

For schoolchildren
- Russian language - class up to 6 kids from 6 to 15 yo
- "Drawing histories" - class up to 10 kids from 6 to 15 yo
- "Riki-Tiki-Tak" - drama club
- After-school Group from 15 till 19 o'clock

All lessons and courses are in Russian with native Russian professional teachers.

Please visit NeoZebra website Protected content and FB-page - Protected content

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