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Book Club February Meeting (Warsaw)

Our next meeting will be on 7 p.m. Tuesday 21st, to avoid a clash with
whatever Valentine Day plans you may have. As always, it is held in Ganders Tearoom, Francuska 12 in Saska Kepa.

We shall be discussing "Death in Breslau" , or "Śmierć in Breslau" by
Marek Krajewski, a Polish author. This book is available in the
English translation, and can be acquired through Amazon, or English
bookshops in Warsaw. It is a crime mystery set in Protected content Breslau
(today's Wroclaw) and its melee of German, Polish and Jewish elements.

We shall also put together a timetable of meetings until June and
beyond. I have several suggestions of books from some of our Members,
more can be added to the list during our meeting. We shall then decide
on the order by drawing lots.

As always, I would like to assure those of you who may not have read
the book that you will be welcome just the same. The kind of
discussions that arise often do not really require the knowledge of
the book; just some reflection. Your insights are always valuable.

See you next week!


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