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Language Exchange(Ar,Fr,En,Esp<=>Esp,Jap&Polskie) (Warsaw)

Hi everybody,

My name is Khalil HABBARI, 23 years old guy, I've just moved to Warsaw for a few months from Casablanca.

Learning languages is currently a passion of mine, and my goal is to, one day soon enough hopefully, be able to speak at least 5 languages fluently.

Right now, I speak Arabic, French and English fluently, and I like to believe that my Spanish is sufficient enough to communicate with a native speaker -although I still have more than a few difficulties (then again I did recently manage to succeed in taking the B1 DELE examination - intermediate Spanish diploma)-, I can also understand some Japanese and with some effort, communicate in it; last but not least, it would be nice to learn some Polish as long as I am in the country.

As I've mentioned before, I'm passionate about languages and language learning, so I'd be happy to try and help anybody who's learning Arabic, French or English, but it'd be nice to get a little something in return (I don't necessarily mean money, getting to practice Spanish, Japanese or Polish would do)

If you fit the profile or if you simply share the same passion as me, feel free to contact me at anytime : Protected content

Best regards.

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