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New Activity Group for Playing Games (Warsaw)

Hi, if you are interested in playing any kind of game (Board, cards, dice, computer, role playing etc) then please have a look at the new Activity Group "Games" :-)

The basic concept is to set a fixed day each month when people can show up as they like, without any obligations, and then let's play.

Once we have a few members we'll figure out what we want to do, and I hope we will grow and perhaps be able to split up in several groups which will be more specialized. But for now, all games are welcome!

Hope to see many new members soon.

Best regards,
Vegard Farstad

PS: I need another group consul or two who will be present at all events to make sure somebody is there (preferrably minimum two or three, otherwise it gets boring if nobody else shows up). Consuls get a free Albatross membership while they are consuls.

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