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Seeking Americans in Warsaw/Wroclaw

Hi guys,

I am "homesick"! I lived in the USA for 25 years, and just came back to Poland few months ago. Even though Poland is my birth-country, I do miss the United States sometimes. Widely available Ethnic food for example. I am craving good, authentic Mexican food, or good thai - any suggestions? I don't know Warsaw too well (originally from Wroclaw, and do travel there regularly, in case there is a group of Americans there as well - let me know! :)

I so miss my dryer, this ironing stuff is for the birds! Looking into options, as I do see some models in the stores now, but hear the clothes don't come out as dry and ready to fold as in US. True?

Aaand, I do miss speaking English... So... if there is a group of Americans here on InterNations that maybe meets once in a while here in Warsaw, or Wroclaw, please let me know!

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