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Discover Ghana, the Hidden Gem of Africa (Washington, D.C.)

Cravings! Africa! Ghana! Visit! Activities! Experiences! Akwaaba! Laughter! People! History! Culture! Socials! Traditions! Festivals! Folklore! Gastronomy! Drums! Beats! Music! Dance! Drama! Theatre! Fun! Entertainment! Tropical Rain Forests! Wetlands! Landscapes! Precious Stones! Minerals! Natural Resources! Gold! Cocoa! Chocolate! Wildlife! Biodiversity! Nature! Ecology! Flora! Fauna! Adventure! Beaches! Lakes! Rivers! Water Fronts! 24/7/365! Sunshine! Sunbathing! Sports! Active! Healthy! Sustainable! Living! Lifestyles! Connect!

We are Social Enterprise offering authentic, exotic, conscientious, ethical, responsible and sustainable Ghana destination planning, management, organizing and promotion activities, experiences, services and courtesies.

That not just Leaves Indelible Footprints and Lifelong Memories, but also, meets every budget!

Our Signature Packages? What we do best?

Special interest Ghana tourism, travel, vacations, holidays, hospitality and events.

Eco tours, field trips, excursions, sightseeing, nature, wildlife and adventure.

Outdoors, recreation, leisure, sportive, healthy, active living and lifestyles activities, experiences, services and courtesies packages.

•History Panorama

•Chocolate Passions Trail

•Precious Minerals Observatory

•The Country Side Ultimate Escape

•EPIK Persons with Disability Adventure

•Native and Indigenous Culture Exploits

•Adventure, Wildlife and Nature Footsteps

•Sea, Sand, Sun, Surf, Swim and Sports Deep Dive

Our passionate, zealous, enthusiastic and committed top notch industry expert and professional team, works meticulously to not just meet, but also tenaciously exceed all travel customer needs, wants, demands and expectations of even the most extremely sophisticated customers throughout the travel customer journey activities and experiences!

Please visit, write, call or recommend Kra Travel right NOW!

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