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Marrow Drive in Washington: Please register! (Washington, D.C.)

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Please check out Devan's site. He is the four year old son of our friends and he urgently needs a bone marrow transplantation. No match has been found yet and he only has 12 weeks left. Devan's doctors say he has a 1 in 200,000 chance of finding a match which is worse odds than most people because he is 1/4 South Indian and 3/4 Northern European. Please step forward and register as a marrow donor. You just need to swab your cheek . It's easy and painless. A marrow donation is like donating blood and it could save a life.

There is a Marrow Drive in Washington today:
Washington, DC - Saturday, May Protected content Turtle Park, 45th Street NW and Van Ness St NW, Washington, DC

Adding as many donors to the global databases will help Dev and many others clinging to life right now. - This can happen to anyone at any age and god forbid you should get into a similar situation. Then you or a loved one would depend on this registry.

Please also spread the word - we need as many people as possible to register. Tell people about this site! Protected content

Thank you!

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