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Persons Living with Disability in Ghana Assistance (Washington, D.C.)

Dear InterNations Members,

Kindly accept my warm greetings and best wishes.

It’s once again the time of the year for planning, organizing and hosting "EPIK Persons with Disabilities Adventure".

A charitable, responsibility, values creation, impact and purpose driven World Tourism Day Celebration Social, Community and Livelihoods Improvement Event.

"EPIK Persons with Disability Adventure", is about elevating inclusion, diversity management, offering opportunities and support systems. Intercultural, public, community and social communication, relationships building, networking and livelihoods improvement.

Public education, information dissemination, storytelling, visibility, positioning, publicity, awareness raising, sensitization, activism and advocacy.

Special interest tours, field trips, sightseeing and excursions, nature, wildlife and adventure. Outdoors, recreation, leisure and pleasure. Educational, entertainment, sportive, healthy, active living and lifestyles activities organized and hosted for Persons with Disability in Ghana free of charge.

To engage, motivate, encourage and inspire Persons with Disability. Practically demonstrate and extend solidarity, support, goodwill, benevolence, generosity, compassion, assistance, services and courtesies. And provide unique opportunities for community companionship, sense of belonging, friendships, links, contacts, networks and relationship building.

For one of the most vulnerable, marginalized, underprivileged, deprived, under-served, disadvantaged and minority groups in Ghana. Who are often taken for granted, neglected and ignored segment within communities and society.

And regrettably, are predominantly confined to the periphery of economic, social, democratic, political, cultural, community, societal, family, households and developmental structures to also thrive.

This fundraising campaign for "EPIK Persons with Disability Adventure" has just begun. And I have thought it prudent to reach out to you, the cherished member on this noble platform to request for your compassionate, and generous assistance for the benefit of Persons Living with Disability in Ghana.

Cherished members, no amount donated will be too small and will be appreciated, for which the beneficiaries and myself, will forever be grateful, and thankful.

Please, charitable and philanthropic donation, can be made by messaging me directly for further donation details and questions.

More views and knowledge of this fundraiser, makes it even better for achieving this fundraiser goal.

Therefore, I will really appreciate it, and would also be extremely awesome and helpful to share this fundraiser link with everyone within your contacts, links, networks, cycle of influence, friendships, relationships and whoever you may know.

Thank you very much in advance and I absolutely appreciate your help to Persons Living with Disability in Ghana.

With Compliments,
Kwamena Aduonin Kakraba

Washington, D.C. Forum

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