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Registration Readiness for DC Vaccine (COVID-19) (Washington, D.C.)

Registration Readiness for DC Vaccine. A kind neighbor has explained how to register in the District of Columbia for the Covid-19 vaccine. Although the website says it is for health care personnel only, ordinary citizens like us also can register. Just click your way through the questionnaire. Doing so won't bump anybody more worthy, such as health and other essential workers, but we'll be in line when we become eligible.
When? Who knows?
Here's how the neighbor explained this:
"As DC works to roll out the COVID vaccine, they are taking registrations and gathering information from residents so that when more vaccine becomes available they can contact people. You can fill out the questionnaire here: Protected content

Also, please share with those who may not have regular access to the internet or email so they can also receive the word on this. The form is mobile friendly (I just did mine) and the insurance information is optional so that should not be a barrier to get yourself registered and on the list for contact.

The instructions say that it is only open to healthcare providers but there is a section where you can answer the you are NOT one (if you are not) and so they can contact you when you are eligible for that phase."

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