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TEDxFulbright on April 5th in Washington DC! (Washington, D.C.)

Dear DC InterNations crowd,

TEDxFulbright is a special TED conference event at the US Chamber of Commerce in Washington, DC on Saturday, April 5th, and we're searching for engaged community members to participate alongside alumni of the global Fulbright Scholarship Program.

We have started to advertise this event very late, so there are many tickets still available. If possible, we would sincerely appreciate your help in posting the following event announcement on your Facebook page or within an email to your membership.

The event gathers global leaders, all Fulbright alumni, across disciplines for world-class talks about ideas that change the world creatively and intelligently. With ground-breaking speakers like the Head of Innovation of the French Prime Minister's OpenData Taskforce, acclaimed photojournalist of nuclear contamination zones, Director of Boston University's Neuromorphics Lab working with the DARPA SyNAPSE program, key member of the Fulbright Foreign Exchange Board and President of Pitzer College, founder of a dance education program for post-conflict area youth, and the architect of a new robotic transportation system considered the new "internet of things", we think your community would certainly enjoy knowing about the event! Public registration is now available, and there are some remaining discounted tickets for students (email Protected content for the code): Protected content . I have written a short summary for posting to your FB page or distribution via email, if interested! We would be happy to have supporters of the InterNations represented at the event!
Thank you for your help in spreading the news! We're looking forward to an inspiring event!

Kind regards,
Cristina Galalae
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April 5th, TEDxFulbright gathers inspiring leaders in next generation technologies, revolutionary humanitarian work, innovative foreign policy, neuromorphic robotics, women empowerment programs, nutrition, documentary arts, and others for a day of world-class talks and performances at the US Chamber of Commerce. Spaces were just released to the public to interact with these global leaders during a highly engaging full-day program: Protected content .
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Thank you for your thoughts on this! We appreciate every bit of effort possible to make this program a success.

Best regards,

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