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An American looking for work in Windhoek, Namibia


I have met an incredible lovely woman online. She lives in Windhoek. I live in America. This is where it gets complicated. I want to come to Windhoek to live, so that I can marry her.
I need a job lined up in order to do this as I do not have that much money saved to reside there an unspecified amount of time looking for a job. I am an environmental engineer that has studied at The Pennsylvania State University. I am willing to work in other career fields as well. Can someone PLEASE help me? I have applied to jobs at/on NamWater, O&L E-Recruitment, Jobs Unlimited, Learn4Good jobs,, to no avail. Is there anyone on this website that would hire me? Does anyone have advice? Please help me get a job so I can come to Windhoek and marry the only woman I have ever loved, and be successful there too...

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