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2005 Prediction -Global financial crisis is coming

Who is Lyndon H. LaRouche? What do you think?

LaRouche Predicted "Global financial crisis is coming"

November 22, Protected content

Interview (I)

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. is an American political activist and founder of various political organizations in the United States and elsewhere. He is perhaps best known for being a "perennial candidate" for U.S. Presidency, having set a minor record for most consecutive attempts at the office by running eight times; Harold Stassen ran for President nine times, but not consecutively. LaRouche has run for the Democratic nomination for President in every election year since Protected content , including in Protected content he was in prison. Yet he and his "LaRouche movement" have gained only limited electoral support, although he has received some support in Democratic presidential primaries."

LaRouche: More than that. The world economy is about 50 trillion dollars a year in debt. We have hundreds of trillions of dollars of debt. We can never pay this debt. Because of the inflation of the debt, especially since Protected content build-up of the financial derivatives speculation is so great. First of all, physically we are breaking down. We are at a point where to maintain our economy physically.

We would have to make large-scale investments. We have to replace the infrastructure. We are losing our water systems. We're losing our power systems. We're losing our transportation systems. We're losing our health-care systems. All these physical things on which the prosperity of the economy had depended are now worn out. They're gone. And we have tremendous debts. Our rate of production is collapsing. And therefore we are at a point where the system is going through a systemic collapse. This is the biggest collapse in modern history, it is now occurring. And the idiots just deny it. They just deny it. If you admit you would have a problem then."

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