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5 Weeks in Italy on a VERY STRETCHED Budget


Hi everyone,

I’d like to seek your help in the best way to plan a nice vacation in Italy on a VERY stretched budget. There was a change to the initial plan rendering me having to travel solo, so everything changed especially from budget-wise.

I’ll be in Italy from 12 November through 15 December and that’s a whopping 5 weeks. I’ve paid for my accommodation in Rome for 5 nights, which is my starting point in Italy, but from there onward, it’s pretty much “open”. How much would be realistically doable for a trip this long taking into consideration budget accommodation, must-go-to places (free and/or including tickets or entrance fees), meals budget, and transportation?

I do not have credit cards so I’m going to have to use only what I have. I like art, books, nature (both sea and mountains) and ancient historical things (museums and old churches included), so any economical suggestions along these would be wonderful.

Once again, my main concern is BUDGET from ACCOMMODATION, DAILY MEALS and TRANSPORTATION standpoint for 5 WEEKS.

All help from seasoned travelers to Italy are greatly appreciated!


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