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A Crazed Camel On A Sinking Boat

The crazed camel is Arab society. The sinking boat is Islamic civilization. Before some start foaming at the mouth with ridiculous accusations of racism and Islamophobia let me reassure you that these words are not mine. They come from an Arab asylum seeker I had the pleasure meeting in Denmark. Shall we forbid ourselves to even repeat what others say about themselves? The Arab world is indeed like a sinking boat. Everyone is running away, nothing is in right place except the sundry oulaws. Young Arabs, the future of the nation are busy begging for visas at Western embassies. Some are rich but they apparently cannot stand their own culture. The corrupt elite is sending its kids and dirty money to the West. The old politicians seem to prefer to die in western hospitals.Our women, even the old and ugly ones are receiving countless marriage proposals from an endless stream of love starved Arabs.
What on earth is happening inside the Arab Tent?
How can a nation who is stuck in its quicksand spend billions for Islamic propaganda? A nation that covers the hair of 5 year old girls and consumes porn day and night. What is the contribution of the Islamic nation to the world? Don't come to me with that boring old song of Moslem scientists of the Middle Ages. It was the CHRISTIAN Arabs who translated Greek Philosophers. Until recent period, Moslems always looked down on other languages. Moslem clergy hates every philosophy out of its own. That is why have the Arabo-Israeli conflict. It will NEVER end. The Arabs who dared escape from the iron grip of the clergy on the minds of millions had been arrested, beaten, exiled or assassinated and their wives used sexually under the cover of marriage. the rare scientists who appeared against all odds in the land of Arabo-Islamia had been ostracized and some killed. no surprise there. blaming the West for its problems is one of those absurd things you hear from the nation of Islam. Without the rotten West, the Arabs would continue using camel dung as fuel while sitting on an ocean of oil.
Angelo. S. Costa

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