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A moment of acknowledgement


I have also linked this to New York, Cairo & Istanbul, as I take on the world :) because this is where his influence was felt the most throughout my travels so far. Some people you meet, stay with you, even if they can't be physically there with you

Reason, Season, Lifetime - we never know, so lets treasure each and every encounter
Who do you wish to acknowledge? Please feel free to write about anyone you wish to acknowledge.

My Journey with Dr. Bitkoff and a taste of my life

I heard Dr. Bitkoff a couple of years ago, when he gave a talk in NY.

I had left NY in Protected content returned for a short period of time.

Was it coincidence that he would appear in my life?

We managed to keep in touch through email, as I would share my happenings with him on a level of human to human, as I did not know what to make of the relationship, which taught me a lot about all my other relationships (labeling).

I have been on my own journey for 9 years, yet not alone, (literally became a traveling traveler for the last few years). I can identify with the `set up' talked about in this book.

In this book, there have been many terms revealed to what I was actually experiencing. With that said, let us not be prejudiced by any words we may come across. I have had to redefine many things in my own life. I only hope that the feeling behind the words comes through to you, its essence, as it does for me. If it doesn't now, it will in time. Hindsight cannot be projected forward.

So it is an honor for me, after reading what has been put together, to be able to recommend this book. That hunger, yearning, emptiness (what ever we want to call it), whatever has you reading this at this very moment, is not coincidence.

A practical approach to spirituality based on reality. Daily activities, recommendations and readings, proposed in a way of conversation, not just text and information being thrown at you.

I pray that in the reading, we don't get caught up in the understanding of it all. If there is any part that you identify with, that it may inspire you to investigate what has been presented to you. Start writing your own book, sing your own song, create and live the life you were meant to live. No harm will come to us, in such a process.

Our `hidden friends' such as Dr. Bitkoff, come along.

Some of the best teachers never told me what to do, but open up my heart so that I may find my own answer, and may even give us an opportunity to laugh and smile along the way.

Thank you Dr. Bitkoff:
Sufism for the Western Seeker
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Figen Bico
Istanbul, Turkey

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