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A new generation believe in real peace in the world all together hand in hand to fight terrorism

Who ahas not mong from suffered & terrorism and violence we lose a friend or relative in the terrorist events ,we Palestinians and Israelis have decided that starting with real peace for our children we decided to live together and only hear the sound coming from us, each of us has the right to life .
To the Palestinians right to establish an independent Palestinian state secular democracy and its capital in East Jerusalem ,as There is right for our neighbors Israeli in the life safe,
both by your support we will build real peace .so

1. Is there a belief that U.S. foreign political obstacle to achieving a just and comprehensive peace in the world.

2. Is there any prospect for a solution between Palestinians and Israelis under the umbrella of the current leadership at the end of this year

3. The internal Palestinian situation and the division and the internal Israeli situation are the real obstacle to peace

4. Is the negotiations is a game or reality

5.Do you believe that investors of the political wars of the mafia who profit from violence rather than benefit from peace

6. What is the real reason that drives young people to use violence.

Peace can be achieved if there is a real belief in the hope that peace would prevail in the whole world, and we hope that everyone is with us and support us and look to the future
We know that true peace can not succeed at the expense of the suffering of others and we realize that our demands for statehood is our right and freedom of Palestinian prisoners is also our right & It is the right of refugees to return or compensation

We Palestinians and Israelis who have decided to forget the past and look to the future for a better life for our children

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