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Abortion is not Murder (by Sangeeta G. Handa)


A dear Canadian Activist requested Wisdom on the topic of Abortion, since in in Canada they are facing opening up the abortion debate in parliament. She said to me: "Our federal government is in fact, a fundamentalist Christian Conservative party. The only thing that is legally allowing abortion is the supreme court decision that stated that life begins AFTER a baby is born, our government is trying to pass a motion that declares life begins at conception. How do I rationalize the argument that abortion is murder, when I agree that life begins at conception? Am I just to accept that I am a murderer because I had an abortion? Is abortion murder? What are the spiritual karmic implications involved in abortion? I wanted to get your opinion and perhaps a word from the galactics on this subject that is getting headlines in Canada and the US. If you would be so kind.

So I immediately penned the Truth behind the mystery of the birth of a soul in human form. Alan Steinfeld, once again, has published my article on his blessed website. Do read and experience how you feel from your Energy and not the human mind that is overcrowded with dualistic information. I would love to read your comments there and see your votes on this highly debatable topic. Tonight is the beginning of the American Presidential Debate between the 2 Presidents and this is one of the major points on which the balance is equip yourself with Higher Wisdom before you personally decide any one side.

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