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Addicted to being a foreigner?


So I left my country to go to college abroad - at 19, I thought it would be the coolest thing to travel and live on my own:) Then I got a job and stayed (figured I had to justify and put to practice all those hard years in college). Then I applied for permanent residency and stayed (figured I had to justify all those years of working and paying taxes abroad:)
In the process, as I seem to be the cool, always-traveling and knowing-people-from-all-over-the-world person to the locals, I tend to feel pretty foreign in my own country when I visit. At least the first few days I am definitely an alien and say things like: "when I get back home...", that greatly aggravate my mother (What do you mean? You ARE home!).
Would you honestly ever go back to your home country? I often wonder and don't think I can imagine myself permanently living in homogeneous society anymore where we are all the same race and speak the same language. I realize that doesn't apply to some of you as you already come from huge metropolitan areas where everybody is from somewhere else.
I also wonder if we secretly and without even realizing it become addicted to being the "exotic" foreigners and start to enjoy immigrant life?
I never thought of myself as emigrating when I left but here I am, getting my immigrant status as a permanent resident of a foreign country...

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