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adventure trip from beijing to germany

Hello everybody, is anyone interested in joining me and my dog to drive from Beijing to Germany through Russia? The trip is scheduled for June Protected content , will probably take 2 months and should be great fun. You need to be an outdoor type as we might break down in the tundra, easy going on arrival of problems (because I am not) and able to make a fire without a lighter. Russian, cooking or car repair skill are an advantage but not neccessary. That does not mean that I have them, but it means that there will be cans of ravioli available and that I am certain we will find someone in the tundra or taiga who has all of the above.
I gladly explain the plan (in a more serious way) to whoever fancys the idea.
People who like to join for parts of the journey are welcome, too!
I wish all of you a nice day!

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