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“Alan Watts, why is that name familiar?”

The quote above is from the Protected content “Her” starring Joachim Phoenix. Of course I am familiar with Alan Watts ( Protected content ) the philosopher. It is much too early to say where his legacy figures in the scheme of human endeavors but the Internet and YouTube and movies like “Her” are keeping his name and his “out there” message “out there.”

The purpose of this thread could be thought of as a place for Forum warriors to hang out when they want a “time out” to listen to a fresh perspective or feel they could use a psychological adjustment. And isn’t that all of us from time to time. : ))

I have some favorite Watts audios and generally I will try to choose the shorter ones under 30 minutes. Many of Watts YouTube audios are snippets from lectures less than 10 minutes in lenght. I will go slow, this thread will not be delivered like fast food but more like a gourmet meal that requires slow chewing of every bite!

The first audio is a buffet of sorts and offers, I feel, a good introduction to what Watts has to offer.


Alan Watts, Wikipedia bio
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