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The proposed aid by America for Pakistan about $1.5 billion annually for next five years meant to be used against the Taliban is going to be another trap in the making for America itself. Pakistan which historically identified as the epicenter of global terrorism needs a different kind of approach and message. More money for making more trouble is what currently Pakistan understands and Pak Government’s appeasing attitude towards Taliban does confirm that. They will seek Taliban to survive rather than dismantled because that has become a source of income for them to have more foreign aid. It is a game in fact at the best the Country is playing that at the same time being good and submissive to Taliban to satisfy Islamic radicals with in the country and pretend as if fighting them which is just a theatre of diplomacy for the international community.

ISI and other government organizations are hands in glove with terrorists and they systematically continue abetting them to carry out operations not only against India and Afghanistan but around the globe. World need democracy to survive in Pakistan desperately and taking pains in the real sense but Pak politicians play a mad game which drag the world particularly America into a more complicated trap. Taliban on the other hand in order to keep the mantle of terrorism alive select soft targets within Asia until they get a opportunity for spectacular performance to the level of September 11.

In the process it is easily understood who is gaining and who is losing. Yet the trial and error approach being still tested which will cost finally to all stake holders. As Obama rightly said bullets and bombs alone can not resolve all issues but with money we may never will be able to purchase peace that too from shops of terror.

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