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and thus they are motivated ? true?


There are plenty of motivational ' gurus' out there. So many people go for their seminars . and still plenty more chomp on motivational books and tapes like there is no tomorrow.
Do these provide just a temporary 'high' or have any of these actually helped you?
sure, they do give us some tips and insights. But dont you agree that all of us are born with inbuilt wisdom and can 'motivate' our ownselves when we apply our minds and commonsense to it.
Also , why on earth would a person want to be so motivated. Isnt life also about smelling the roses as well?
Dont you think that some of these gurus build us up for a fall? they tell us nothing is impossible . so we spend our lives feeling frustrated and unsatisfied with ourselves. why ? simply cos we are not 'super' achievers.
isnt it true that the super achievers are themselves not super achievers 24/7 and have lots of days when they are off form .
anybody smelt any lovely roses lately?
end of the day , the motivational gurus are laughing at us all the way to the bank , with our money . please give me your comments.
no offence meant to anyone here at all.

Anita Sharma

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